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HTML5 Video Support in Hotmail: The Good, the Bad and the Autoplay

The most popular webmail client adopts HTML5 video support, but not without reservations.

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Override the Default Link Color in Yahoo! Mail Beta

We introduce a new method for overriding the default link color in this popular email…

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Image Map Support in HTML Email, Revisited

Should you, or shouldn’t you use image maps in your newsletters? See the results and…

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CSS Support in Email: A CSS3, Web and Mobile Client Update for 2011

We’ve updated our guide to reflect how your emails are being read today.

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The Prolific Rise of Mobile Email

Using data from more than 3 billion emails, we analyze which email clients are trending…

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Avoid Common Rendering Issues with the HTML Email Boilerplate

Coding an HTML email? With this boilerplate, all the CSS hacks have already been done…

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Your Thoughts: Do Email Newsletters Affect Google Page Rank?

Update: Matt Cutts at Google confirms there is no relationship between email reputation and page…

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Pitch Perfect: Tips on Offering Email Marketing to Small Businesses

We sit down with a successful design agency to get their advice on pitching email…

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Poll: What Is the Maximum Width for HTML Emails?

Vote in our 2-second poll and you could win a Campaign Monitor t-shirt!

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How Do You Build Your Email Subscriber Lists?

What makes a list-building tactic successful? We discover that it has a lot to do…

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The Inconvenient Truth about Div Tags in HTML Emails

It doesn’t pay to use div tags when coding HTML email layouts – here’s why.

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