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Should Email Be 99.9% Typography, Too?

Like the web, is email heading towards a text-only future? We look at the trend…

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Embedded Image Support in HTML Email

You asked, so we re-visited support for embedded images in email newsletters, to find out…

Blog Post

Does Consistency between Email Clients Really Matter?

Should consistency between email clients be some kind of sacred cow for email newsletter designers?…

Blog Post Drops Margin and Float Support Entirely

While margin has always been on shaky ground in, having such a popular email…

Blog Post

Adding Bulletproof Background Images and Buttons to Your Email Newsletters

Wish there was an easy way to get background images to display in Outlook, Gmail…

Blog Post

Mobile Device Ergonomics and Links in Email Newsletters

Is there an ‘ideal’ place to add links when designing and optimizing your newsletters for…

Blog Post

Audio in Email Newsletters – Are There Really Sound Uses for It?

Is mixing music and email such a bad idea? Here’s how you can add your…

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An Overview of Alto, AOL’s New Email Client

Has Alto’s mission to provide a better email experience for existing webmail accountholders got wings,…

Blog Post

Using Web Fonts in Email

Here’s how to use web fonts , plus information on web font support across the…

Blog Post

Gmail 2.0 for iOS at a Glance

Has Gmail’s iOS app refresh brought with it sweeping changes to their CSS support, or…

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Email Newsletter Truncation in iOS Mail

Have you had your email newsletters truncated when viewed on an iPhone? We look at…

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