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Should I Modify My Email Designs for the iPad Mini?

Following the iPad Mini’s release, we answer two pressing questions – is the iPad Mini…

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Creating Email-Friendly Retail Coupons for Apple Passbook

Sending simple coupons for Apple Passbook is easier than you think. In this detailed walkthrough,…

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Apple Dominates Email Client Market Share, but Android Gains Ground

This has been the year of the mobile email. With the iPhone now the dominant…

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Spare a Thought for Subscriber List Names

What’s in a name? We look at some solid reasons for putting a bit of…

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Stopping Spambots with Two Simple Captcha Alternatives

Don’t like the idea of spambots swamping your subscribe forms with fake addresses, but setting…

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Tackling Selective Attention in Email Design

Does it seem like your subscribers have one-track minds? This is normal, explains Jakob Nielsen…

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Call for an End to ‘Click Here’ Links in Email

The phrase, ‘click here’ in link text is as commonplace in web and email copy…

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What the iPhone 5 Means to Email Design (and Designers)

Will your mobile-friendly email designs and templates still accurately display on the new iPhone 5?…

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Localizing Your Email Campaigns with Google Translate

Want to send localized email campaigns, but don’t necessarily have the time and resources to…

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Discussion: What’s Your Email Workflow?

Face it – we’re all terrible at managing our personal inboxes. As a result, a…

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Removing the 60 Character Line Limit on Plain-Text Email

If you send plain-text email, or take an interest in the plain-text version of your…

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