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Add a Background Image to Your Email in Two Simple Steps

We often get asked about the best way to add a background image to an…

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“Can I Use a Purchased List?” Your Permission Questions Answered

For a lot of folks, especially those new to the wonderful world of email marketing,…

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Grab the Campaign Monitor Book for Your Kindle or iPad

Recently we released our first book on planning, designing and building HTML emails. Here’s how…

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Outlook 2007 and the Inline !Important Declaration

Add another quirk to the list of Outlook 2007s special issues. We’ve discovered that any…

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More Than $3 Million in Mark-Up Profits Earned by Our Customers

Last month we hit a very exciting milestone for Campaign Monitor with more than $3…

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How to Stop Gmail from Adding a Margin to Your Images

Recently, Gmail has started behaving like Hotmail/Firefox by adding a margin around images. As you…

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We Wrote the Book on HTML Email!

Today our book, “Create Stunning HTML Email That Just Works!”, is being released in print…

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Making a Great First Impression on Your New Subscribers

Regardless of whether you’re on a date, at a job interview, or kicking off a…

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Marketing Your Email Service, the Old Fashioned Way

Meet MailBox Design. They’re a new graphic design business with roots in educational publishing, based…

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What You Can Learn from Panic’s Approach to Email Marketing

We take a closer look at some of the advanced CSS3 techniques Panic used in…

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A Joomla! Extension for Every Season

This week, we’ve just had Joomla! extensions coming out of our ears. Or plugging into…

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