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ExpressionEngine Extension Now Available

If you’re an ExpressionEngine user (like we are), you’re going to love this updated extension…

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2008 Christmas Email Competition: We Have a Winner!

Find out which email was our favorite holiday season design for the Christmas of 2008….

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Did You Know? Web Version Edition

Every now and then we highlight details and features about Campaign Monitor that you might…

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What I Learned Redesigning the Campaign Monitor Newsletter

Read the story behind our recent email newsletter redesign and download the final template for…

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Campaign Monitor Goes to the Beach

The Freshview office is located very close to the southern beaches of Sydney, and last…

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Using Campaign Monitor as a Desktop Application

Using some free OSX software you can setup your own Campaign Monitor account as a…

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Smart Ways to Use Custom Fields

Every one of your subscriber lists can have up to 50 additional fields of data…

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Track Your New Subscribers in WordPress and Mint

Our clever customers have just released two very cool plugins that show your latest subscribers…

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Nested Tables in HTML Email: How Much Is Too Much?

How many nested tables can you use in a HTML email before some email clients…

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Giving Back Gets Going

Since we officially launched the Campaign Monitor Giving Back program, we’ve had tons of interest…

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The Giving Back program launches

Since Campaign Monitor was launched, we’ve received lots of great support from the design community,…

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