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Campaign Monitor Attacked by Hackers, some Accounts Compromised

Unfortunately, a Campaign Monitor server has been attacked and compromised, leading to some spam sends…

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Unexpected Outage (Fixed)

Campaign Monitor is currently down while we perform some urgent updates to the application. We’re…

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Big CSS Guide Update including Mobile Email Clients

We’ve just published a huge overhaul to our popular CSS guide to cover mobile email…

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The Fix Outlook Mosaic Is on the Wall at Microsoft!

In a fantastic closure to the Fix outlook campaign, Microsoft have let us know that…

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Email Client Popularity: June 2009

We just released our quarterly report on worldwide email client popularity by analyzing more than…

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Campaign Monitor in 30 Seconds

Check out our promo video for Campaign Monitor, which was done as part of our…

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Sending a Final Message to Microsoft about Outlook 2010

After the huge success of the campaign, we decided to create a mosaic of…

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The Last 24 Hours on

In less than a day, we hit an incredible 20,000 tweets from the community who…

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Microsoft to Ignore Web Standards in Outlook 2010 – Enough Is Enough

It’s official, Outlook 2010 will continue to use the Word rendering engine to display HTML…

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Promoting Your Product or Service with Banner Ads – Is It worth It?

Back in April we decided to take a look at running a number of banner…

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Setup a Client Demo Account

It’s easy to give potential clients a way to try out your rebranded Campaign Monitor…

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