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One of the banner ads we've been runningFor the last month or two we’ve been running a little ad campaign on a number of design sites promoting how a web designer can use Campaign Monitor to create an additional revenue stream for their business. Today we sent out the most recent monthly earnings to our reselling customers, and I figured this was a good opportunity to share the details.

When we merged the billing features of MailBuild into Campaign Monitor at the end of last year, it suddenly became easy to automatically generate income from your clients sending their own email newsletters. You add them as a client, design them a template (and charge them for it), and set how how much they should pay each campaign. Every time they send, you earn a tidy profit which we send you at the end of each month. Couldn’t be easier.

You might remember that a few months back we announced we’d generated more than $1 million in direct, automated profit for our customers. Today we distributed the profits for September totalling more than $150,000 and within the next month or two we’ll cross over the $2 million mark. As you can see from the chart below, the profit earned has been growing at an almost exponential rate.


The best part, this is only the profit generated from your clients sending campaigns. Many of our customers make *much more* charging for their template designs and ongoing strategy for each client. On top of this, an even bigger percentage of customers pay on their clients behalf and then charge them later, so their profit isn’t even represented here.


Personally, this sort of stuff is awesome to see. To know we’re making email marketing easier for our customers is one thing, but to see how we’re helping you guys build successful business is both exciting and gratifying.

If you’re using our client billing feature already, then check your email for the details of your latest earnings. If you’re not, then check out the details on how all this works and read a few case studies on how other customers have been so successful. Your accountant will love you for it.

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