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Prior to joining Campaign Monitor, I was working on the marketing operations team of a large online media company. And while I had the good fortune of building email campaigns and websites for top-tier brands like IBM and Salesforce, there was a catch.

Their target audience spanned the Asia-Pacific region, where key decision makers more commonly speak Thai, Korean, Indonesian, or a Chinese dialect. And so our campaigns had to have global appeal, but be aligned with the local language and culture.

Back then, there was practically zero information on email design, let alone on sending localized marketing campaigns. As a result, I learned a couple of lessons the hard way – via endless email chains with our Singapore-based sales team, multiple calls with our translation agency and of course, once the email had been sent, post-campaign feedback from the recipients themselves. It was hard work, but deeply satisfying.

Now, with quite a few international campaigns sent between us, Jaina Mistry from Padawan Group and myself joined forces to compile the Guide to Localizing your Email Campaigns, a short and practical guide to successfully adapting your email marketing for regions beyond your own backyard. Featuring 4 chapters covering challenges, laws, best practices and more, this guide is recommended to anyone planning to create and send content across multiple languages. In essence, it’s the guide we wish we had when we both started!

Birchbox, across 3 languages

¡No te lo pierdas! Featured customers Birchbox send campaigns in English, Spanish and French.

To become fluent in how your customers’ want to communicate with your brand, take a look at our free Guide to Localizing your Email Campaigns. It joins 17 other guides on essential email marketing topics, such as responsive email design, accessibility, HTML email coding best practices and more.

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