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Back in November we posted about our search for this years best Christmas emails. We’ve been checking out all the fantastic email campaigns, and we’ve got 60,000 email credits to give away.

This year we again saw the full range of Christmas and holiday emails, from well written plain text messages to high impact graphical productions. Last years encouraging trend of companies donating to charity in lieu of a printed card seems to have grown further, something we would expect to see continue in 2007.

2006 Best Christmas Email Winner

In a crowded field, this years winner is not the flashiest or extravagant entrant. However, for elegance, readability and simplicity we could not ignore Glasshouse Multimedia’s seasonal message to their clients. Click the preview below for the full email.

Glasshouse Christmas Email

Glasshouse Multimedia, from Cape Town in South Africa, have produced here a model of effective HTML email design. The organic leafy background is a subtle holiday reference, avoiding that Christmas cheesiness. It also has the advantage of being relatively compressible, using only shades of green.

The body copy is all in HTML text, potentially avoiding spam filtering issues and remaining readable with or without images enabled. We particularly like the links to online stores, giving the email an additional practical benefit. Congratulations to the team at Glasshouse Multimedia; we’ve just topped up their account with 30,000 email credits.

Honorable mentions

We couldn’t stop at just one! The following three emails all stood out for us, and the designers behind each have had 10,000 email credits added to their accounts.


Vitamin Christmas Email

When a lot of companies go over the top with festive design, Vitamin chose a subtle, appealing design that highlights their well-crafted message.

Primer Inc

Primer Christmas Email

Primer produced a fun email that took us back to our Primary School days, cutting out Christmas decorations with safety scissors. A simple idea that tells a story about the company behind it.

Three Sixty Media

Three Sixty Media Christmas Email

Who says Christmas emails can’t be useful? Three Sixty Media manage to pack some business advice in with their greetings and their news, and all in an attractive, bold design.

Well done to all our winners, and we hope you use your credits for email campaigns just as effective as these ones. Also, be sure to check out the winners from our 2005 competition and see how they stack up 12 months later.

What do you all think about this year’s winners? Have you seen something else that really worked this Christmas?

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