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In a world of marketing tips and tricks, where do you start? Shane breaks down nine different email practices that you can either start, stop, or keep doing today. The focus of this episode points to what you can start doing today.

Transcript: 9 Things to Start, Stop, & Keep Doing (Part 2)

Online marketing tips are all over the place. So let’s distill some of those tips down to a few things you should really start doing, some you should keep doing, and a few you can stop today.

Hi, I’m Shane Phair, Senior VP of Marketing at Campaign Monitor, and this is The Email Minute.

New practices can breathe life and opportunity into any email marketing strategy. Let’s look at 3 things you can start doing today to move the needle.

First, start automating significant touch points. If you’re not incorporating automation into your email strategy, you’re quite frankly missing out on some of the best-performing emails you’ll ever send. And while automation sounds robotic, it can power some of the most organic messages – like a subscription renewal, receipting a purchase, or even a birthday message. Relevance and timeliness are key, and automation makes sure your messages are sent to the right person at the right time – every time.

Second thing to start: A/B testing. Similar to automation, this is an easy win – and yet 53% of marketers never A/B test their emails. Even just sending out a quick alternate subject line could increase your opens – so what’s holding you back?

Finally, start experimenting with dynamic content. Take your personalization to an entirely new level, serving up content in an email that’s extremely specific to that individual recipient. You’ll knock your competition out of the water, and start seeing incredible results from your emails.

Next time on The Email Minute – 3 email practices you should keep doing.

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