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As a marketer, you want to use each marketing channel effectively to promote your brand. Luckily, marketing channels are not mutually exclusive, and you can use them together. But how do you combine social media and email marketing for the best results?

In this episode of The Email Minute, Shane tells us exactly how you can integrate these two channels to empower your marketing strategy.

Is your email working in harmony with your social media? If not, you could be missing a chance to gain more subscribers.

Hi, I’m Shane Phair, Chief Marketing Officer here at Campaign Monitor, and this is The Email Minute.

Today we’ll talk about the ways you can combine the power and reach of social media with email marketing.

First, use your social media presence to attract more email subscribers.

Screenshot 1 from Campaign Monitor's Email Minute series with Shane Phair Episode #19: Use social to grow your list when combining social media and email marketing

Put your email signup link in your social posts or in your bio, then encourage followers to join your list. This is an easy win, and gaining access to your follower’s inboxes now means you can deliver even more personal messages.

Secondly, target prospects on social media.

This is the second screenshot from Campaign Monitor's Email Minute episode 19 with Shane Phair: Combine social media and email marketing by targeting prospects on social media.

You can target prospects on social media by hosting Twitter chats that answer customer questions or promote gated content.

You can even integrate your subscriber list with social networks. This helps you find social media accounts affiliated with subscriber email addresses, allowing you to put faces to names.

Finally, use social media successes in your emails.

Screenshot 3 from Email Minute 19 video with Shane Phair: To combine social media marketing with email marketing, use social media to grow your list.

Use high-engaging media in your newsletters. This might be an Instagram story or a Facebook image. You might even use a positive social review in an upcoming email series, or share a post from a customer.

Now that you know how to integrate social media and email marketing, how will you make the most of these marketing channels?

Tell me with a tweet to @ShanePhair, or post a comment on our blog.

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