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Unsubscribes can feel like a punch in the face. And even if you follow every best practice in the book, there will always be some who opt-out. But the most frustrating part is not knowing why subscribers are leaving. There’s a very simple solution to that problem.

Ask them

Unsubscribe pages don’t have to be a dead end. Rather than stopping at “thanks for the memories”, this page is the perfect place to put a short survey to learn about potential weaknesses of your email marketing.

I made a quick example using the awesome Wufoo (most recently seen in our gallery). Wufoo makes it dead easy to create forms, as well as slick reports to get an overview of the responses.


Notice that I’ve first confirmed that they have been unsubscribed, which is important. You can probably come up with a more appropriate survey for your specific list. To use a page like this, head into your ‘unsubscribe settings’ for your list, and you can define a URL that we will direct people to when they have been unsubscribed. For the overachievers among us, the API can be used for more advanced implementations.

A grain of salt

While you can learn a lot from the responses from your unsubscribers, you should of course not let this dictate your email strategy. Just because someone who unsubscribed thinks you emailed too often, doesn’t mean everyone who’s still on your list agrees. The feedback you gather here is a small part of the big picture.

More on the subject

While writing this, I ran across this recent blog post by Mark Brownlow about the insights your unsubscribes can provide. Well worth a read.

Do you have a clever example of getting more out of an unsubscribe page? We’d love to see it, so please leave a comment.

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