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I don’t know about you, but I love keeping an eye on new subscribers joining my lists. In the recent Campaign Monitor redesign, we built this right into the List Management page so you can get a quick snapshot of how many new subscribers have joined that list recently, and exactly who they are. We also provide an RSS feed for each list for a daily update.

I’m a bit of a stats junky myself, so not only do I like knowing about new subscribers, I’m also interested in what’s happening on the rest of my site. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could get this data in one place, instead of switching between Campaign Monitor and your web site stats?

Luckily for us, some clever Campaign Monitor customers have been hard at work building just that solution. Today we’re announcing two plugins, one is an update, and one a brand new plugin that’s just been released.

Subscriber Stats WordPress plugin

{title}The guys from Dialect (who are also behind the popular Shopify Web Hook and Premailer service) have just released the CM Subscriber Stats WordPress Plugin.

The plugin lets you see your subscriber list statistics right on your WordPress dashboard. This includes the total subscriber count, as well as the last time somebody subscribed to your list. Here’s a quick screenshot.


Here’s the best part! The plugin is completely white label, so you can customize the name of the plugin and the welcome message that’s displayed at the top. This is perfect for any of you rebranding Campaign Monitor as your own product to your clients. If they use WordPress as a CMS for their site, you can drop their subscriber list stats in and keep the naming consistent. Very cool.

You can grab the latest version from our Downloads page, or read more about the plugin including how to rebrand and set everything up on the Dialect site.

Mint Pepper

{title}For those of you who haven’t heard of Mint (which wouldn’t be many), it’s a very cool, lightweight stats package providing all the site stats you’ll ever need at a glance. Mint features a plugin system called Peppers, and Campaign Monitor customer Mark J Reeves from Slim Kiwi has just released an update to his original pepper that shows all your recent Campaign Monitor subscribers. Here’s a quick screenshot.


You can grab the latest version of the plugin from our Downloads page.

Mark has also been gracious enough to release the source for the pepper on GitHub so anyone can fork it and make their own contributions. We’re looking forward to seeing how this one develops.

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