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This is Part 1 in a 2-part series on social media -friendly subscribe forms. Check out Part 2 to learn how to build your own viral form.

As you can imagine, we talk to a lot of web devs and designers here at Campaign Monitor. In the course of things, a lot of them will offhandedly mention something like, ‘Oh, I’m working on a new project right now.’ ‘Oh really?’ ‘Yeah, it’s this new web app for doing web stuff faster…’ And you know, generally it will be a thoroughly useful, gorgeous thing, very much in tune with the web projects they’ve done previously.

In the case of very cool customer Andrew from Plethora, the conversation was a little different this time.

Andrew: ‘Hey Ros, you know that awesome iPhone app I created, the one with the Campaign Monitor gallery entries?’

Me: ‘Hell yeah!’

Andrew: ‘Well I’m doing something different now. Children’s books. Geeky children’s books. Check it out, I have a signup page.’

My Little Geek subscribe page

And looking at the results, I really think more web designers should move into the field of children’s publishing.

Going viral


Apart from looking darn gorgeous (thanks to illustrations by Edit Sliacka) and offering a discount to new signups, the ‘My Little Geek’ subscribe form is a little more clever than your average bear. Starting off with a stock-standard Campaign Monitor subscribe form, Andrew took a cue from Forkly’s ‘Launching soon’ page and made it super-easy to share the page via your social networks. Upon signing up for ‘My Little Geek’ updates, new subscribes are provided with a short URL and buttons for posting it to Twitter, Facebook and email. With good reason, too. From Forkly’s experience:

“…About 16% of people who requested invites convinced at least one other person to request an invite as well. We promised people we’d put them on our priority list if they helped spread the word and got 3 or more people to sign up. About 7% hit that mark…”

When you’ve got loads of people signing up on a form, word can really spread far – Andrew is also encouraging invitees to spread the love by offering an additional discount to those who consequently get 3 or more of their contacts on board, too. Again, from Forkly:

“The longest invite path we had was 8 levels deep…doesn’t seem like a lot, but each level represents exponential growth (granted, with some attenuation) over the previous one, so it adds up quite nicely.”

Finally, the My Little Geek/Forkly social sharing prompt is so unobtrusive, that it doesn’t sully what’s a visually impressive design. Inspiring work all around. Of course, if you have a little geek in mind, sign up to get your mitts on a copy of ‘My Little Geek’.

Many thanks to Andrew for sharing his excellent subscribe form with us. Later this week, Andrew will be guest-posting a tutorial on how to create your own viral subscribe form, so stay tuned for more!

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