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Today we’re very excited to announce the print and digital release of “Create Stunning HTML Email That Just Works!“. Published by the smart team at SitePoint, it’s covers HTML email from planning right through to designing, coding and reporting, and how to offer email marketing as a service.

Back when Freshview was a web design agency, our clients often wanted to send HTML email newsletters to their customers. The tools available at the time were pretty unfriendly, especially for designers, and there was a severe lack of information about how HTML and CSS worked (or did not work) in email clients.

That experience led directly to the creation of Campaign Monitor first as an internal tool and then as a paid web application, and also to a huge amount of testing and research around HTML in email. All that experience has been collected, reworked, updated and explained in our new book.

Who is this book for?

Our book is for web designers. Not for marketers, or for people who know how to use ‘save as HTML’ in Word. It is for web designers who want to (or have to) create HTML email newsletters, and want to do it without going mad.

We’ve put this book together for web designers to help them plan, design and build HTML emails that are attractive and render reliably. If you’ve been using Campaign Monitor or reading the blog for a while a lot of the content will be familiar, but there is all new content and a completely reworked structure to bring all that information together.

This is the book that we wish had been around when we first started creating email newsletters for our clients. You don’t have to be a Campaign Monitor user to read it, because it isn’t at all Campaign Monitor specific. It does feature the awesome email design work of a bunch of Campaign Monitor customers though, and in full color.

If you are new to the world of HTML email, or think you could do better at your email planning, designing or coding, definitely take a look. It’s also a really useful reference and inspiration book to keep around, or to give to a new designer on your team.

Want to check it out?

There’s more information and a link to free sample chapters on our book page, and you can buy it there too if you like what you see.

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