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This morning I received one of those daily deals emails from a well-known online travel company. Seeing as I haven’t been wearing my traveling pants as of late, I decided I’d unsubscribe from this one, only to trip across the following clause:

Unsubscribe message

Now, for a business that automates a lot of what it does so well, a 5-10 day wait on processing an unsubscribe seems pretty unusual. Does this message mean that I’ll be receiving daily emails for 5-10 days to come? Perhaps more importantly, why don’t they just use an immediate unsubscribe process like the rest of us?

Now, it’s true that the CAN-SPAM Act requires that opt-outs are honored within 10 days. But given that databases can be updated immediately, this sort of move demonstrates a certain one-sidedness to the customer relationship. It’s a bit like them saying:

‘We’ll be awesome to you if you give us your business and your personal details. But ask us to do something that doesn’t benefit our bottom line and we’ll sit on it for a few days.’

The absolute worst-case of unsubscribe deferral I’ve seen was from an airline who stated that would take up to 20 days to be removed from their list. Given that they were capable of immediately bombarding customers with confirmation emails and offers on signup, it was a little irksome that they applied such a leisurely attitude to managing unsubscribes. Even if this process involved updating a spreadsheet of email addresses by hand or working with a 3rd-party company to manage their lists, pretty much anyone could agree that they were taking their sweet time to get a fairly simple task done.

So now it’s over to you. Why do you think some companies take so long to manage unsubscribe requests? What’s the longest delay you’ve experienced?

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