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Airbnb is a powerful marketplace that empowers people to list and book unique accommodations in more than 190 countries around the world. Airbnb brings together those with a zest for travel, and has truly revolutionized the way that people explore the world and build relationships.

Airbnb offers all hosts a unique perk – free access to a professional photographer – so that their listings are attractive to potential Airbnb guests. Professional photos supercharge the quality of any listing, and even give the listing higher rankings in Airbnb search results. To sustain this service, Airbnb has a community of contributing photographers around the world, on standby to shoot spaces whenever they can.

Airbnb does a monthly newsletter, powered by Campaign Monitor, to foster and grow this photographer community. Regular Airbnb Listing Photographer newsletters include a spotlight photographer of the month, technical tips, and evolving FAQs about the photograph contribution process. Email provides Airbnb with the perfect channel to engage, grow, and inspire their incredibly talented photographer community.

We recently featured Airbnb’s Listing Photographer Newsletter in our Top 100 Gallery, which showcases the Top 100 customer email campaigns of 2015. Let’s dive into their Photographer Newsletter, and see what makes it so engaging.


  1. Fresh newsletter content: Airbnb’s newsletter highlights a different photographer each month in the hero section of the newsletter. This photographer of the month spotlight includes background on the selected photographer, as well as their professional advice and a peek into “what’s in their camera bag”. This feature delivers fresh and engaging content to  subscribers.
  2. Inspire and teach your community: A powerful newsletter both inspires and educates. When creating an email campaign, ask yourself, what does my subscriber get out of this? Airbnb does a fantastic job of packing their newsletter with tangible takeaways for any reader. They do this by offering technical photographer tips, like “Flash and how to use it”.
  3. Friendly competition: Contests and awards are a great way to increase subscriber interest and engagement. Airbnb’s Photographer of the Month award encourages photographers to submit their very best work – for a chance to featured in the next newsletter.

Your turn: Now that we’ve shared how Airbnb uses email marketing to engage with their community, tell us what you think. What makes your email newsletter engaging?

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