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How open-time personalization provides a boost to your marketing.

Inboxes are jam-packed these days and sending emails with outdated information just won’t cut it anymore. Subscribers expect personalized and highly relevant messages from their favorite brands. In fact, 78% of global consumers say they are more likely to engage with a personalized offer that is tailored to their interests. Subscribers want to know that brands are tuned into their needs and interests – and reaching out at just the right time with the latest and greatest tailored personalized content gives you a leg up on engagement. 

This is where open-time personalization comes into play. Open-time personalization uses subscriber-specific data to serve up personalized content that is relevant for each customer any time they open an email. That’s the case no matter when you send your message or when a customer sees it. This form of personalization shows customers that you’re paying attention to their needs and interests, with no stale content in sight.

At Campaign Monitor by Marigold, we’ve made open-time personalization easy with Marigold Liveclicker Express. Its intuitive drag-and-drop functionality helps power your personalization strategy. Marigold Liveclicker Express has a quick setup with fast time to value, and you don’t need an extensive technical background to use it. Plus, it doesn’t require an integration or separate tech tools – it’s available in the email builder today*!

By serving up the most relevant content at the moment of open (not send) and mixing in personalization, you’ll deepen connections with customers. That translates into more engagement, increased action, and an uptick in revenue from customers. In fact, Marigold marketers have seen up to a 28.9% jump in clickthrough rates when their moment of open messaging matches their real-time inventory updates. 

So let’s talk about what open-time personalization and Marigold Liveclicker Express can help you do:

1. Keep content fresh so customers take action on time-sensitive emails.

There’s nothing worse than receiving an email about a time-sensitive deal (like a promotion or event) only to realize that the offer has expired. Or sold out. Or simply no longer relevant. Not only does this negatively impact your customer experience, but it also puts a dent in your customers’ trust. With Marigold Liveclicker Express, content is up to date at the moment of open (not send) so you can ensure that customers always receive the latest information. Even after you’ve sent the email or a sale has ended.


This will also help you reduce customer dissatisfaction by ensuring you’re sharing the best promotion available, no matter when they open the message. 

2. Save time and build personalized, 1:1 messages in a no-code environment.

With Marigold Liveclicker Express, you can use real-time data insights like location, device type, browser type, individual preferences, and your own custom fields to hyper-personalize your messages. And instead of creating multiple campaigns to power personalization, you’ll be able to use our intuitive, drag-and-drop editor to create multiple versions of content in less time and without technical expertise. 

This means that a customer can open an email at 10:00 am to see a special breakfast offer, or they can open that same email later in the afternoon to show a lunch offer. We’ve seen Marigold marketers increase their clickthrough rates by 4% with this sort of real-time, highly targeted content. To achieve this, you can create a single campaign in Marigold Liveclicker Express that updates at the moment of open and is personalized to each customer – all with no HTML coding required.

3. Create deeper connections with your audience by delivering hyper-personalized messages that reflect their unique interests.**


Most brands collect a ton of data but aren’t sure of the best way to use it. And it’s often siloed across many platforms, which makes it difficult to use effectively. This mix can lead to brands sharing content that customers aren’t interested in –
51% of global consumers are receiving irrelevant content or offers from brands.

Marigold Liveclicker Express uses the most up-to-date customer data from Campaign Monitor by Marigold. That means no data silos and no mismatches between your message and what customers actually care about. You can use data points like location, individual preferences, and even more custom fields from Campaign Monitor by Marigold to automatically share the most up-to-date content with your customers – as if you crafted each message just for them.

**The delivery of these campaigns may be affected by Gmail, Yahoo, or Apple proxies. For additional information, please contact Support or your Customer Success Manager.

Ready to explore Marigold Liveclicker Express*If you’re on Essentials, Unlimited, or Premier plans Marigold Liveclicker Express is now free and available for you to access within the email builder. To activate it, check out our step-by-step guide.

Are you already a Campaign Monitor by Marigold customer, but not on one of these plans? You can upgrade to Essentials or Premier plans at any time. Follow these steps to upgrade today

Not a Campaign Monitor by Marigold customer? Request a demo to get a tour of how it works or sign up here.

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