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We are often asked about how to connect Campaign Monitor subscriber lists to a general contact form or survey. It has always been possible through the Campaign Monitor API, but that requires a level of development skill that isn’t always available.

Fortunately, the team at FormSpring have come up with a slick solution. FormSpring is an online tool to help you build web forms quickly and easily, and use them on your own sites. You can collect, manage and edit all the data those forms collect. With their most recent update, FormSpring have added direct integration with Campaign Monitor. Now you can add subscribers from any FormSpring form, right into your Campaign Monitor lists with just a few simple clicks.

Here is how it works (thanks to FormSpring for putting together the screencast):

You could have an event registration form that automatically adds people to your event update email list, for example. Or what about an order form that also updates your newsletter list without any effort on your part.

Visit the FormSpring site for all the details about FormSpring and the Campaign Monitor integration. We’re confident that you guys are going to come up with some cool ways to use this tool, and we’d love to hear about them.

Saying thanks in true Australian style

On top of integrating with Campaign Monitor, FormSpring recently announced integration with Highrise, the popular CRM tool from our friends at 37signals. In a really nice gesture, the FormSpring crew sent a big chocolate cake to the 37signals team to say thanks.

We thought that was pretty impressive, until we learnt from John at FormSpring that a case of beautiful Samuel Adams beer was already on its way from Boston to Sydney.

Cake vs beer

Sure, we could get upset about stereotyping of Aussies as beer loving kangaroo riders, but….we’d still have picked the beer. Thanks again to the entire FormSpring crew for the integration and special present.

Since writing this post, FormSpring.com has updated their name to Formstack.
New name. Same great product.

  • Ade

    For the record, beer would’ve been our first choice too :) However, we found it near impossible to get a cake shipped to Australia. And given the arcane liquor laws here, even harder to figure out home/office beer delivery in the US.

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