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is an easy-to-use form management plugin for WordPress. Thanks to rocketgenius, we recently had the pleasure of giving the new Gravity Forms’ add-on for Campaign Monitor a try. Using the add-on, you can build solid, customizable forms for your WordPress site, add subscribers to a mailing list using conditional logic and populate custom fields. Even better, it’s free to download if you hold a developer license for the Gravity Forms plugin.

Once you purchase and install the Gravity Forms’ plugin for WordPress, install the Campaign Monitor add-on with your Campaign Monitor API key handy. Using Gravity Forms’ powerful Form Editor, you can then get started creating highly-customizable forms. To synchronize collected form data, simply create a new “Feed” by mapping the fields in a Gravity Form to an existing Campaign Monitor subscriber list. You can also map to custom fields and add an opt-in condition prior to adding subscribers to your list:


A major strength is the ability to manage multiple forms and feeds in this manner. It’s easy enough to add a subscribe form to your site using Campaign Monitor’s code, but if you have a more complex WordPress site that requires multiple forms, then it makes sense to centralize the management of these forms within the WordPress dashboard.

Additional features include advanced field types, form scheduling and WordPress post creation tools. Gravity Forms also comes with an extensive API with hooks and filters to allow developers to extend the functionality and customize the plugin. Take a look at the following video demo to see the plugin in action:

Gravity Forms is a truly professional WordPress form management plugin with very obvious advantages over the hobbyist form plugins in circulation. Apart from its robust features and ease-of-use, it also offers user support via Twitter and its forums and priority email support for developer license holders. By integrating with Campaign Monitor, WordPress developers can take control of the entire signup-to-send process, from conditionally adding subscribers to Campaign Monitor lists, to effectively managing subscriber preferences, sending targeted campaigns and receiving detailed reports using Campaign Monitor’s powerful interface.

Take a look at the Gravity Forms’ feature tour and demo site, or read more about the Campaign Monitor add-on for WordPress.

  • Bjorn van der Neut

    A shame that I get an error while activating the plugin:
    Fatal error: Cannot instantiate non-existent class: rgforms in E:\httpdocs\wp-content\plugins\gravity-forms-addons\gravity-forms-addons.php on line 54

    But the demo looks great!

  • Alex Cancado

    gravity-forms-addons.php is not an Campaign Monitor Add-On file, so your problem is related to another plugin. If you need help getting Gravity Forms to work on your end, please visit our forum – http://www.gravityhelp.com

  • Carl Hancock


    The plugin you are having problems with is NOT Gravity Forms. It is a 3rd party add-on called gravity-forms-addons that was created by someone unaffiliated with Gravity Forms and is not the actual Gravity Forms plugin.

    Gravity Forms is only available via http://www.gravityforms.com

    So what you have is not Gravity Forms and the reason you are encountering an error when activating is because that add-on requires Gravity Forms in order to run… you will need to get the Gravity Forms plugin first.

  • Vitor M. Costa

    I believe that Gravity Forms needs PHP 5 running in your server, check out, if the error is related to that!

  • CertaProRaleigh

    This plugin looks really powerful do you have a Joomla version? My commercial painting website runs on Joomla, and I would be interested in using your system to monitor my email campaigns. Thanks!

  • Ros Hodgekiss

    We have a plugin for Joomla! – check out our downloads section for a full list of Campaign Monitor integrations.

  • CertaProRaleigh

    Awesome – thanks very much!

  • steve

    the gravityforms website you mention doesn’t seem to work any more???

  • Ros Hodgekiss

    Hi Steve, kindly give the Gravity Forms site a go again – that’s unusual. If you’re having troubles getting it installed, the folks at rocketgenius (the developer) should be able to help you out via their app support.

  • Leon

    I use Gravity Forms on my own contact page. I think it is well worth the money.

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