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Like a blanket for taking convenient naps, there are some innovations that we get very excited about. This includes the Salesforce Connector for Campaign Monitor by SNB Apps, an integration which allows you to export your Salesforce contacts to one or more Campaign Monitor subscriber lists in only a few clicks.

The connector is available via a limited 30-day free trial, which you can use to kick the tyres on up to 5 Salesforce licenses. All you need is either a paid Salesforce Enterprise Edition or free Developer Edition account, plus your Campaign Monitor API key & API Client ID.

What can I expect from the trial version of the connector?

The trial edition of Salesforce Connector for Campaign Monitor does two things really well. First of all, it allows you to select contacts to add to one or more Campaign Monitor subscriber lists. And no, this doesn’t mean that folks can mass-dump sales leads to an email list – you can only transfer contacts in batches of 10 at a time, plus the usual permission policies apply. Secondly, it allows you to manage your Campaign Monitor account from within a Salesforce tab, providing a unified, white-label email campaign workflow for you and your clients. The full, paid version of the connector extends this even further, which we’ll discuss in a moment.

Note that due to limitations on the use of Salesforce’s Apex Code, you cannot use this connector with 30-day trial accounts, or anything other than Enterprise and Developer Edition accounts. If you want to try Salesforce and this connector for free, sign up for a Developer Edition account.

Installing the connector

Unless you’re the type of person that regularly solves Rubix cubes in 18 moves or less, you’re going to find the installation and setup of a Salesforce connector to be relatively complicated, if not downright overwhelming. In anticipation of this, SNB Apps have provided an absolutely essential installation guide. The need for a guide (and at least 15 minutes of your time) isn’t necessarily the fault of the developers – Salesforce really does try hard to do every task conceivable for salesfolk and marketers alike. And it results in setup screens like this:


Note that the setup options on display extend two across two page-heights and widths respectively. Don’t know what you’re looking for? As they say in developer-land, RTFM.

Adding contacts to Campaign Monitor

We fired up our Developer Edition of Salesforce to give the Salesforce connector for Campaign Monitor a go. Sure enough, after following the installation guide to the letter, we got it rolling. Our first taste of success was when we added a new Campaign Monitor tab to Salesforce:

Campaign Monitor tab

You can name this Salesforce tab whatever you like, which is great news for resellers. Barely a few clicks later, we were also successfully adding contacts to our Campaign Monitor subscriber lists:

Adding subscribers


Adding to a list

Just to double-check that the Salesforce Connector did as is marked on the tin, we took a look at our Campaign Monitor account. Lo and behold, the names and email addresses of our selected contacts had been added to a specified subscriber list:

Subscribers in Campaign Monitor

One notable downside is that updates to subscriber details do not automatically sync between Salesforce and Campaign Monitor. If for instance, you change the email address of one of your Salesforce contacts, you have to add them again to your subscriber list and manually unsubscribe the original subscriber within Campaign Monitor. This is something that we’ve let the developers know about and hope to see improved in future releases.

The paid version of this connector includes unsubscribe management between Salesforce and Campaign Monitor (ie. ‘unsubscribed’ Salesforce contacts are marked as so), as well as the import of email campaign and subscriber activity reports into Salesforce. Although full-version pricing has yet to be announced, SNB Apps have noted that it will probably not cost more than $20 license/user/month. To try a full version of the connector, or to request further customizations, contact SNB Apps.

Given the considerable number of requests for Salesforce integration with us, we’re expecting this will be well met by all manner of marketers. The ability to import and manage contacts and campaign results will hopefully improve the email campaign workflow by removing the steps between signup and sending email newsletters and updates to your active customers. At last, the power of Salesforce, combined with all the campaign creation, delivery and reporting goodness that you know Campaign Monitor for!

So if you’ve been hanging out for Salesforce – Campaign Monitor integration for a while now, we’d love to know how you go with the trial version of Salesforce Connector for Campaign Monitor. Please feel free to leave your comments and feedback below, or get in touch with the contact SNB Apps directly. And finally, happy customer relationship managing! At least, I think that’s the term.

  • Vincent

    Thanks for this, but what’s the cost?
    Can’t find it anywhere.

  • Ros Hodgekiss

    Hi Vincent, the developer hasn’t finalized the pricing yet, but you are welcome to contact them directly. So far, they have stated that it won’t cost more than $20 USD/month/license.

  • Samantha Rose

    This is fantastic – we’ve all been waiting a long time, and it’s great to see a solution come directly from Campaign Monitor. But… why limit the connector to adding only 10 contacts at a time? For those of us with large permission-based lists, a limitation like that is enough to make the app all but useless. I have thousands of opt-in subscribers. Adding them to Campaign Monitor 10 at a time is a limitation significant enough to make me have to stick with Vertical Response (which none of us wants!). It’s just not practical to set a limitation like that if you’re looking to have active marketers, using the net’s largest CRM system, take advantage of Campaign Monitor integration.

  • Anna

    This is awesome news. We’re just about to purchase Salesforce and were getting scared about not being able to use Campaign Monitor. So this is a huge relief! Agree with the only adding a ten at a time issue though – would be great to expand that soon.

    So, my questions are:
    1. Who can I speak to about this in the UK?
    2. Is there a version for not for profit organisations?
    3. Any ideas on the associated costs on the full version of this or when you would know?

    Thanks. You just made my day!

  • Ros Hodgekiss

    Hi Samantha, this connector is being developed by a 3rd party developer (SNB Apps), not us. We’re not supporting this connector. I can hazard a guess that the 10-contact export limit has something to do with limitations within the Salesforce API.

    That said, you can export your contacts to a .csv file, then import the file into Campaign Monitor. Hopefully this will be a once-off, after which point you may be able to add subscribers to your lists via Salesforce.

    Anna, SNB Apps are based in Singapore. You can contact them directly for further information. With luck you may be able to arrange a pricing structure to suit your organization.

    I’ll ask SNB Apps to weigh in on this post – as the developers of this connector, they should be able to answer your questions with considerably more insight :)

  • han

    Hello, this is Han from SNB Apps. Thanks for your interests.

    The reason why we had to limit the connector to adding only 10 contacts at a time is twofold (and it’s a bit technical so excuse me if you’re not a techie):

    First, Salesforce only allows only 10 calls to an external system at one execution. Our connector is builit within the Salesforce platform, so it is affected by this limitation.

    Second, Campaign Monitor does not currently support bulk adds for subscribers via API, i.e. you can only add one subscriber at a time, not multiple, when using the API. Obviously, I am one of those who want this feature desperately (see Forum https://www.campaignmonitor.com….

    The current workaround is, as Ros said on her post, to export the contact’s names and emails then import into Campaign Monitor.

  • JLyles

    Whew, the timing couldn’t be more perfect!! And I mean, whew!!! I thought this would need to be custom-built.

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