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Many of us have been faced with the conundrum of how to collect email newsletter signups offline. I mean, nobody really enjoys manually transcribing hand-scribbles and business cards, do they? So it’s with a big dose of relief that we were introduced to Counter Culture, an iPad app by MadPilot Productions and Jay Hollywood, specifically for collecting subscribes in-store, at events or quite simply, IRL.

Counter Culture on the iPad

Alongside the default theme (pictured), there are variety of white-label signup form designs to choose from… Plus you can upload your own.

Counter Culture Themes

But that’s not all – Counter Culture also allows you to load up your own images and create a slideshow for in-store advertising and displays. If you want to collect subscribers at the same time, you can go back to your subscribe form with just a tap.

Getting started

The first thing you will notice after you purchase the iPad app is how straightforward it is – once you set up a Counter Culture account (via the app), you’re pretty much thrown into the process of collecting subscribers. This is because Counter Culture itself stores all collected subscriber details in a database for export later – you don’t have to setup Campaign Monitor integration to get started.

All the heavy lifting happens when you log into your freshly-minted account via the Counter Culture site – this is where you can define a sign-up message (eg. ‘Receive offers, news and more in our monthly newsletter!’), set a theme (or upload a custom one) and also toggle the slideshow mode. Perhaps most relevant of all is that this is where you can set up Campaign Monitor integration, using your API key and the List ID from an existing list. If you’re not sure where to find the latter, here’s a pointer:

Where to find your List ID

Once ready, subscribers collected via Counter Culture are automatically (and immediately) added to your subscriber list. Paired with our autoresponders, you’ve got a recipe for fun. For example, you could sign your customers up for a loyalty club at point-of-sale, then automatically email a discount voucher to go towards their next purchase. Or you could create a series of automated tips and/or survey invites (‘Are you still enjoying our product? We’d love to hear your thoughts’), to follow up in the weeks after a sale.

So, with all that in the bag, it’s simply up to you to start collecting subscribers, let it be at the counter of your store (as the name implies), at a trade show, you name it. Many thanks to Myles at MadPilot Productions and Jay Hollywood for releasing this super-simple and downright good-looking subscribe form app for the iPad. Counter Culture is a very reasonable $4.99 USD and is available now in the App Store.

  • Peter Bui

    You have no idea how useful I’m going to find this. I got to at least one networking function a week and collecting emails this way is awesome!!!

  • Mark


  • Niclas

    Looking good as always, I hope to implement this at my office

  • Nickolas Simard

    That’s a great idea. Another reason for me to get an iPad… someday! :D Should anyone wanna make me a gift… ^_^

  • Claus

    Is there a localization option. coming from a non english speaking country, it would be nice to able to translate the form labels and title

  • Sharon Mostyn

    Having an iPad app is a great idea! It would be useful for salespeople at conventions (and prospective client visits), too…

  • how to

    well what about playbook..i am waiting for it .Anyway i currently have a ipad also will try this on it.

  • Nick Aitken

    This is not good, I have a meeting on December 1 and I won’t have my iPad by then and this would have been perfect. Very cool, very awesome, very well-done.

  • Scott Robinson

    Great news…expect other providers of mass email systems offer an iPad app for ‘FREE’!! I think CM should look at creating something for it’s members.

  • Mahmoud

    @Scott, very true!

  • Mathew Patterson

    @Scott and Mamoud – if you don’t want to spend on the app, you may just use a web based sign up form designed specifically for the iPhone. In situations where you have internet access that will work for you.

    If it is something that saves you more than a couple of minutes though, $5 is a bargain in our estimation. (Plus keep in mind other providers of mass email systems also charge extra for all kinds of things that Campaign Monitor includes at no charge).

  • Darren

    Can it work offline and then sync up later or do you need an Internet connection for this?

  • Joanne Carry

    I’m loving this! A great idea and something that can be used at trade shows and events everywhere. It would be great if you could also add in a couple survey questions!

  • David Prosser

    Ever since we started using CampaignMonitor at our pub/restaurant I made a webpage (http://www.theinghamswan.co.uk… which did exactly this, and we used it on the iPad! When I saw this in the e-mail I thought someone had stolen my idea – but now it’s an app – not bad!

  • Sarah

    Is this one, or is there a previous one, that is compatible with iPhone? Our sales reps could take it to calls this way…

  • Dan

    This is great, however I am wondering if this is going to be 100% rebrandable as well, or is going to give away our little secret (CM)?

  • Integrati Marketing Consulting

    Great work guys and when will we get the Android version for my Samsung Galaxy for when I am networking?


    Thank you, Clinton.

  • Myles Eftos

    Hey guys,

    Thanks for all the feedback! Here is some answers to your questions:

    @Darren: Yep! It stores emails locally until it can find a net connection, so you can use it in places with no network

    @Sarah: Not yet, but if there is enough interest, we would consider it.

    @Dan: From the person signing up, it is completely rebrandable if that is what you mean?

    @Integrati: If we build an iPhone version, we’ll build an android version.

    Any more questions, feel free to comment!

  • Adam

    I was talking last month to a collegue about this being a good idea.
    Would be great if there was a list though that you could edit to suit your business services. We do exhibtions a lot and you get back to th eoffice and then need to chase them about the specific service they are interested in, so a list of radio buttons they could select too would be the icing on the app.

  • Rune Solberg

    Is there any way of getting the text in this app in Norwegian? Or other languages? Would be nice up here in the cold?

  • Mike Williams

    I’m having trouble with the app. Can anyone help??

    When we collect names and email addresses on the iPad, that data does not appear in the Subscriber Database when we log into the account at http://www.countercultureapp.com

    What do we do??

  • Ros Hodgekiss

    Hi Mike, it’s probably best that you contact the developers about this issue… You may also want to check if your iPad has WiFi/3G connectivity, otherwise it won’t be able to push new contacts to your account.

  • Mike Williams

    Thanks Ros. Our wi-fi is working well. Our problem with the app is sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t. That’s quite frustrating. But I’ll pass it on to the developers and see if they can assist.

  • Tom Reinhart

    It would be an improvement if it also ran in the portrait orientation so we could keep the iPad plugged into the base while on our reception counter.

    There were a few times it did not seem to collect a new subscription.

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