Easily Share Videos via Your Email Campaigns with Wistia


Just the other week, we highlighted a simple email featuring a ‘Play video’ image, which became a bit of a success story for our cool customers at Graphite. To recap the results:

“46% of recipients opened the email and from this group, 41% clicked through on the send day. We’ll probably see an additional 10% on both figures through the week. More importantly however, is the high number of replies we received…”

Not bad. So, if you’re wondering how you too can efficiently upload and share videos via HTML email, you’ll be glad to know that our friends at Wistia, a premium video hosting service for businesses, have made it a snap to add similar ‘Play video’ images to your email campaigns. What tops this off nicely are Wistia’s detailed reports, which allow you to determine who is viewing your videos and from where they’re being played.

Linking to your videos made easy

Once you’ve got a Deluxe or Super Wistia account up and running, importing videos is a breeze. Included in these plans are oodles of ways to share and embed your video files, including email marketing integration.

Lets say you’ve imported a video into a new Wistia project (which can contain one or more videos). The first thing you can do is set a ‘thumbnail’, which will be the static image displayed before the play button is clicked. You can either select a frame from your video, or upload your own. In this case, we’ve done the former:

Once you’ve set this first frame, click the ‘Embed’ link beneath the video, then the ‘For email marketing’ tab. Select ‘Campaign Monitor’ as your email provider, then customize the thumbnail as you see fit, by setting the dimensions of the image and/or the URL you wish to link to. Finally, copy the resulting video merge tags for use in your HTML email.

Note that Wistia provides a dynamically-generated thumbnail image – if you select a new thumbnail, you will need to generate new video merge tags.

Now, it’s simply a matter of adding these merge tags to your HTML email code. If all goes to plan, you should see the thumbnail/play button image when you preview your email:

Once you send your email campaign out, each click-through and video play is tracked by Wistia using our [email] template tag. You can then export Wistia’s personalized reports and match email recipients with video plays:

Naturally, you’ll be able to view all clicks on the video link in your Campaign Monitor campaign reports, too.

A video hosting solution for businesses

Apart from great analytics, Wistia also provides loads of options when it comes to distributing and collaborating on hosted videos. There’s lots to appeal to business users – from granting viewers permission to edit and share projects, to providing embed code and the ability to add comments to the video’s timeline. Email marketing integration comes included in their Deluxe and Super plans, alongside goodies like exportable reports and Salesforce integration.

All Wistia plans come with a minimum 100Gb bandwidth a month, plus awesome app support. Did I mention that their team are super-nice and have challenged us to a ping-pong tournament? What’s not to love.

To find out more about Wistia and view their pricing plans, visit their site.

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