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Selling something? For a refreshing store-building experience, check out Goodsie by HiiDef, popularly known as the makers of Goodsie is quite simply, a stripped-down, yet full-flavored online retail service for creating branded storefronts, sans code. You can either create a stand-alone store with a custom domain, or embed your products into an existing site, like a Tumblr or WordPress blog. Of course, the ‘must-haves’ are all there, like payment gateway support, coupon management and detailed sales stats.

To add the icing on the cake, Goodsie now sends email campaigns and manages mailing lists using Campaign Monitor. Oh, did we mention that you can build really sexy storefronts? Check it out:

Email marketing in the express lane

As a fan of, I was excited to fire up a Goodsie Premium account and try building a store for myself. As it turns out, they’ve gone the whole hog with their email marketing service, which features a drag-and-drop email builder that automatically passes the completed HTML email to Campaign Monitor for delivery. You don’t need to start a Campaign Monitor account, fiddle with API keys or pay additional fees to send as a Premium user – Goodsie handles all this for you behind-the-scenes. After sending, it also provides sales analytics so you can measure the impact of your email campaigns against your bottom line.

Create a campaign in Goodsie

Drag and drop builder

Another nicety is that mailing lists are handled for you in your Goodsie account – simply create a list and let the app’s shopping cart and order database integration populate it with subscribers. Targeted email campaigns can be sent, based on customers’ order history, purchase amount and geography.

Email marketing support is only available in Premium accounts, which are a flat $40/month. Considering that this includes email delivery and list management (alongside a growing list of extra features), Premium accounts make for bloody-good value.

The best of both apps

What I really like about the Goodsie / Campaign Monitor matching is how it cleverly draws the strengths of both services. Goodsie offers a stylish, streamlined, code-free store experience – building and managing a store feels effortless. We’ve worked towards offering a professional, white-label service to designers, backed up by robust infrastructure. Silently linking the two services via our API makes things almost too simple. When sending campaigns from within the app, I couldn’t but help feel that I was missing a step or two – wasn’t Goodsie going to prompt me to enter my details? Hold on, my newsletter is sending… Wow.

Overall, Goodsie gives us the good vibrations. You can trial a Premium account for free for 30 days, then continue for $40 a month, or step down to a Standard account for $15 USD a month. Find out more at their site.

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