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Want to convince new clients to use your email marketing service, but feel that your word isn’t enough to sway them? With our new team management update, you can now create demo accounts for one and all to use.

In times past, a means to swiftly create demo accounts has been popularly requested amongst agencies, designers and other rebranders of our app. However, sharing login credentials and having attractive features locked down (like the ability to add templates) made this all a bit testy… Until team management came along.

Now, you can safely provide new clients with access to an account, by adding them as people with special permissions. Here’s an example:

Adding new people to a client account

As you can see, we’re creating a new person who can do pretty much everything except send campaigns, run design and spam tests and manage lists. However, if you send a couple of demo campaigns via the account first, they’ll be able to view anonymized campaign reports and get a solid feel for the app in action, without the risk of unintentionally firing off email campaigns.

An alternative to creating client accounts

Previously, we’ve seen resellers create separate client accounts, each and every time they’ve wanted to demo their service to someone. This tends to get fairly messy in designer accounts, not to mention, copying templates from one account to the next can be a real drag.

Now, it’s simply a matter of inviting new people into an existing client account. You can even automate this process using our API, as we’ve also rolled out all the methods you need to add, view and update people, including change their permissions/access levels. Et voilà! A new weapon in your arsenal when selling email marketing.

Finally, thank you for all your feedback since we released team management – its been immensely useful for helping us focus on changes that rebranders in particular can benefit from. If there’s an improvement you would like to see made, or a scenario (like creating demo accounts) that we should cater for, be sure to let us know in the comments below.

  • Search Engine Marketing

    Do you have any conversion rate metrics you can show me for how well a sales pitch improves when a free offer is made? I have seen a bunch of other companies make similar offers for SEO and they seem to get results. But in a way, they are in direct competition with email marketing companies.

    Let me know. (Blog admin should have my email address.)

  • Lukas

    Thanks for sharing, this is a great idea!

    It would be even better if you could add an option to add sample data to both lists and reports.

    I wouldn’t know whom I would want to send a demo email to…


  • Business Vitamins

    Looks good – but I’m with Lukas, does it actually send real emails on demo mode or does it simulate a sent campaign with simulated stats? I would be uncomfortable with anyone sending a demo email, no matter how many receipients there were.

  • Some Cowboy

    I noticed the feature in the passed, but never realized the potential.

    Demo account is brilliant yo!

  • Ros Hodgekiss

    @Lukas – having sample data on hand is a great idea. At present, you’d have to send a live campaign of some sort, but we’re certainly open to seeing what we can do about this in the future.

    @Business Vitamins – good question there. With the settings above, people can send preview/test emails, but not live sends. So for example, a client could send a template to themselves, or up to 5 email addresses, with the subject line appended with ‘- Preview’. Reports aren’t generated for these preview sends.

    I agree, you would have to be a bit careful about what clients are doing with demo accounts – it wouldn’t be something you’d publicly share the credentials for. However, restricting these accounts to preview sends only (and have subject lines marked as ‘Preview’) does minimize the risk of someone going bezerk. Let me know if we can clarify any of the above :)

  • James Kurtz

    This is certainly a step in the right direction towards making this system easier to sell. However, without sample data I think it could actually be MORE confusing for a novice potential customer. Keep up the great work CM folk! I look forward to seeing more and more of your innovations.

  • Christopher

    I agree with James Kurtz – it would be better to have the ability to selectively “activate” demo data.

    It’s not realistic to expect us to send a “demo” email to enough addresses to paint a compelling picture of the powerful statistics generated by CM.

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