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Musician, maker or marketing maven? If you regularly publish video content and want to ensure it’s as rewarding as possible to both you and your viewers, then Turnstile, Wistia’s new email capture with Campaign Monitor integration, is one to watch.

If you haven’t heard about Turnstile already, lets say it’s pretty much what it sounds like – a prompt to give a little something, prior to going through with the show. In the context of Wistia’s email marketing support, Turnstile allows you to display an email subscribe form at any point during the playback of a Wistia-hosted video, then have the resulting new signups automatically pushed to a Campaign Monitor subscriber list. It’s an elegant way to collect subscribers, without having to fiddle with forms, popups, passwords and other obtrusive content gates.

For example, lets say you have a 10-minute presentation hosted with Wistia. What you can do is have the Turnstile subscribe form appear after a few minutes of play, prompting the viewer to sign up to your newsletter if they want more content like this. Alternately, you can just display the form at the end. This is what Wistia have done in their ever-excellent Turnstile demo video:

The love between Wistia and Campaign Monitor runs deep. Once you’ve uploaded a video, this integration can be set up within Wistia’s SuperEmbed Builder, so you can start collecting new subscribers in a matter of moments. Then, with our autoresponders, you can hook up a ‘thank you’ email to be automatically sent to your viewers, featuring an introductory message and perhaps even links to other resources they may like.

As you can imagine, there’s a bit of give and take with your viewers when using something like Turnstile to collect email addresses. Having a “We want your email!” message pop up mid-video is likely to annoy some folks, so instead, we recommend being a little more informative and customizing the subscribe message to state what they’ll get as a subscriber. For example, something like “To receive more marketing tips like this, subscribe to our newsletter” and providing the option to skip the prompt will ensure that you’re only collecting engaged and happy new signups.

Wistia already have a unique solution for tracking who watched a video after clicking through from your newsletters, so be sure to check that out, too.

Many thanks to Wistia’s Turnstile for making content marketing even simpler for folks like you and me. To find out how you can stay in touch with your viewers via email, swing by their site.

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