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If our recent Enlist apps have inspired you to make email marketing part of an upcoming Cocoa project, then we’ve got a sweet treat – an Objective-C wrapper is now available for our API and is free to use on GitHub.

While Cocoa developers have been doing things like adding email signup forms to apps for a while now, we’ve known that we could make life easier by releasing an official, well-documented Objective-C wrapper. Not only would one make our API simpler to work with, but we could ensure that the wrapper would continue to be supported and improved upon, for all time.

So, it’s with great pleasure that we can now show you the nuts and bolts behind Enlist and white-label Enlist, so you can make full use of our API when building your own Mac OS X and iOS apps. With support for all our API methods and OAuth authentication, the wrapper is as up-to-date as it gets. Alongside comprehensive Readme docs, the Objective-C wrapper also comes with a sample iOS subscribe form app, so you can see how it can be implemented.

Keeping the focus on your app

Sample iOS app

When asking users to join a email newsletter or announcements list from within an app, linking to a web-based subscribe form may seem like the simple thing to do. However, this does have a glaring downside – as soon as a browser window is opened, the user’s focus and your intended workflow are disrupted, especially when toggling occurs between apps on an iOS device.

By making a subscribe form part of the app itself, you can not only avoid unnecessarily hopping between screens, but also take advantage of the platform’s characteristics to extend the wealth of data that can be collected. For example, imagine using iOS’s Core Location Framework to add location data to a subscriber’s custom fields, then sending a personalized autoresponder immediately after they register for an account with your service (spooky). Or beyond forms, imagine pulling reports into an analytics app, so users can check up on their email campaigns, alongside other business metrics. These ideas barely scratching the surface of what can be done; honestly, we’re very excited to see how our API is going to be put to work from here on in.

If we’ve got you interested here, be sure to check out our new Objective-C wrapper on GitHub. As always, you’re more than welcome to fork and contribute to our projects. Last but not least, if you do come up with an interesting integration, be sure to let us know – apart from sating our curiosity, we may even give it a solid plug!

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