Creating and Customizing Your Own Subscribe Button


Following the release of our subscribe button earlier this year, one of the most popular requests we received was the ability to customize both the button and the sign-up prompt, or modal. Well, Buzz on our team has come up with the goods, by creating a button that you can adapt for your own site.

To the code-savvy and curious, our subscribe button must seem tantalizing – a quick peek at the source code reveals that, for the sake of simplicity, most of the magic has been safely tucked away. While there’s never been anything preventing folks like you and me from rolling our own subscribe forms, having a solid template or example to play is often what it takes to move a task from the ‘too-hard basket’ and into ‘getting it done’.

An example subscribe button modal – give it a try for yourself.

For those who like getting things done with code, Buzz’s customizable subscribe form button is where it’s at. Bringing together Twitter’s Bootstrap Modal and our AJAX Subscription Form code (as well as your own creativity), it pretty much has all the functionality of our subscribe button, but can be adjusted to taste in its entirety. Buzz has even provided two versions – Basic and Fancy – to get you off to a flying start. As a bonus, the Fancy version’s modal has been optimized for mobile devices, giving you one less thing to mull over.

To see the customizable subscribe button in action and download the code, swing by GitHub. Should you have any feedback, or just want to give Buzz a well-earned pat on the back, we’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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