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Sharing email campaigns and code has long been a tricky business. For example, lets say you receive an awesome newsletter, which you want to pass on to your team. Then, you notice it looks great on your smartphone, too. Do you take two screenshots? Dump the source code somewhere? Give up? If you use Scope, then the finicky work in capturing and sharing can be done in an instant.

Scope is the brainchild of our friends at Litmus, who are famously known for their top-notch email and browser testing tools. Faced with the issue of emails breaking when forwarded, not to mention the sheer akwardness of the earlier screenshot dance, they came up with this elegant service for bagging email campaigns with a single click of a bookmarklet. It’s also totally free to use and you don’t have to be a Litmus customer to give it a go. Here’s a short video of Scope in action:

Desktop, mobile, text and source code, all in one

It goes without saying that we’re excited to see folks like you use Scope. For example, lets say you’ve got our latest monthly newsletter in your Gmail account and are keen to see what responsive techniques we’ve tucked in. Using Scope, you can flick between desktop, mobile, text version and clean source code views. Then, you can share a link to the campaign with your loved ones, hopefully with some nice words about our newsletters. Or so we hope!

Scope on the Campaign Monitor newsletter

Scope works equally well with both preview and live campaigns, making it perfect for reviews.

Big love to Litmus for simplifying how we share our emails. They’re currently giving away one of their plans in exchange for a shout-out, so find out more about that and Scope overall by swinging by the announcement on their blog.

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