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It seems like optimizing our landing pages through A/B testing is something we’d all like to do at some point, if only we had the time, skills or energy to do so. Thankfully, Unbounce has felt our pain and come up with a great web app for creating, publishing and testing landing pages, backed up by solid reporting. You don’t have to be able to code or set up analytics yourself – Unbounce has made this part of the deal. Simply have something you want to achieve, like collecting email subscribers, or signing up folks for a trial of your service. Jump into Unbounce’s visual editor, create the landing page of your dreams and publish away – it’s really that easy.

Unbounce + Campaign Monitor = Marketing bliss

Now, quite a few of you have requested Unbounce integration with Campaign Monitor and rightly so – they’re the easiest, bestest app on earth when it comes to building landing pages. We try our darndest to deliver the same when it comes to creating top-notch HTML email newsletters. They’ve got A/B testing in the bag. We offer it too with every campaign. Their support team is both helpful and good-looking. We’re… Yes, it’s all true. I’m looking at you, Mat.

Coming back to Unbounce after a little stint away was none too shabby an assignment. From the moment you sign up for a trial account, the app pretty much walks you through the process of getting setup and creating your first landing page. They have a set of professional-looking templates to get the ball rolling – some for doing things like signing up users for a trial, or importantly to us, templates specifically for collecting email subscribers. This is where their newly-launched Campaign Monitor integration comes into play – once you collect an email address on your Unbounce landing page, you can automatically shoot it through to a subscriber list in your account. All you need is your API key to set it up. But don’t just imagine it, check out the integration for yourself:


Pump up the (list) volume

The number one benefit of having optimized pages funnel straight into your lists is of course, list growth. With A/B testing, there’s no second-guessing as to whether your email subscribe pages are doing the best that they can do. Second to that, you don’t have to manually export email addresses, then re-import them into Campaign Monitor – it’s all automatically done for you. Sweet!

Why not create landing pages, too?

Finally, it should be mentioned that Unbounce is not only great for gathering new subscribers, but or creating and hosting landing pages for your email campaigns. Get your subscribers to sign up for a special offer! Sign ’em up to your newly-launched service! The possibilities are endless.

Look, I really wanted to sound more objective in this review, but I’m a marketing geek and this stuff gets me really excited. If you’re a marketing geek too and love fooling around with A/B tests, take a look at Unbounce. They’re generously offered Campaign Monitor customers 50% off rack rates for the first 3 months (following their free 30-day trial) with the discount code, “CampaignMonitorRocks“. Scoot on over to their site and stay classy!

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