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Each month we bring you the latest and greatest integrations that we have to offer here at Campaign Monitor. November has us all abuzz about cool ways to gain more insight into your customers’ web habits: segment more efficiently, obtain quality subscribers and customize your email content dynamically.

Check the four latest integrations and see how Campaign Monitor plays nice with others.


Great lists start with engaged subscribers, and Instapage makes it easy to build on just that. If you’re interested in creating landing pages, but don’t have the time or resources to build them out on your own, Instapage makes it easy. Like Campaign Monitor, Instapage offers an intuitive drag-and-drop builder that makes creating a professional-looking landing page a piece of cake. If you’re not keen to make your own designs from scratch, you can also select from a vast collection of pre-built, customizable layouts.

To get started, check out our integration page, or the documentation on how to set it up.


Similar to Instapage, Wishpond is a form tool that helps build your email lists with engaged and interested subscribers. Wishpond differentiates themselves from other form integrations by offering awesome services when it comes to subscriber retention, such as promotions and re-targeting ads. They also provide tons of free, flexible drag-and-drop templates to start with and iterate upon.

For more technical users: if you’ve always found forms to be slightly too simplistic and are looking to get a bit more technical with your implementation, you can add your own custom javascript and CSS to customize the look and feel and even add your own analytics tracking code.

To get started with Wishpond, check out our integrations page.


Segmenting your email lists and sending customers information that is truly valuable to them is one of the best ways to increase your deliverability and engagement rates. Lytics gives you access to all of the analytics for the services that you use and combines them in one super-simple dashboard.

Group your customers based on their behaviors in your email marketing campaigns, or even cross-reference them with how they are interacting with your brand on social media or across other sections of your business. Then, once you’ve grouped them, export those subscribers to Campaign Monitor as a list and send away.

Read a bit more about our integration with Lytics on their page in our integrations section.

Fresh Relevance

The last step for success in email marketing is creating useful content that engages and interests your customers. Similar to Lytics, Fresh Relevance takes information about your customers’ behavior on the social web and puts it in your hands. Want to send those super-important cart abandonment emails, or include information about something that customer has purchased in the past in your email campaigns? Fresh Relevance makes that totally doable and easy.

Read more about Fresh Relevance’s offerings or get started today.

Wrap up

Make sure your email marketing efforts are on point by making use of these awesome integrations—Campaign Monitor plays nice with others!

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