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How to Add a ‘Tweet This’ Link to Your Email without Javascript

We share a simple technique for adding tweet links for a specific URL to your…

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Validate Your HTML/CSS Email Code with Fractal

Introducing a web app for picking up everything from major rendering issues, to CSS typos.

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Designing Overlay Email Subscribe Forms That Your Visitors Will Love

What’s the difference between a good overlay subscribe form and a hated one? Jakob Nielsen…

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Mobile Email Design in Practice: The New Campaign Monitor Newsletter

Simple tips on the best ways to optimize your email design for mobile devices, including…

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How to Create a Social Media-Friendly Email Subscribe Form

Add a form with social sharing links to your site, courtesy of this step-by-step walkthrough.

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Grow Your Subscriber Lists Painlessly with PadiAct

Add targeted, unobtrusive email subscribe forms to your site with this easy-to-use service.

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A Fix to the 1px Border/Padding Added to Table Cells in Outlook ’07

A handy tip for preventing 1px white borders from appearing in Outlook ’07.

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Personalize Landing Pages and Forms with Our Template Tags

Quickly append your email campaign links with our name and email address template tags.

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Collect Email Signups with an Ajax Form Widget for WordPress

This WordPress plugin makes adding a subscribe form to your site’s sidebar a cinch.

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Tip: Override the Minimum Font Size on the iPhone and iPad

Are your table-based layouts breaking on the iPhone and iPad? Here’s an elegant fix to…

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Reselling? Automatically Create Client Accounts with Campaign Press

Automatically create client accounts within your Campaign Monitor rebrand with this free plugin for WordPress.

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