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CRM, Meet Email: A Salesforce Connector for Campaign Monitor

Like a blanket for taking convenient naps, there are some innovations that we get very…

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Add a Background Image to Individual Table Cells in Your Email

You may have read earlier about our approach to applying a background image to an…

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Optimizing Your Email for Mobile Devices with the @Media Query

Designing for the mobile web is nothing particularly new – or rare. With pretty much…

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Can I Send Email Campaigns in a Language Other Than English?

Given that we’ve got customers in 187 countries worldwide, we commonly get asked questions about…

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Using YouTube Previews to Display Video in Gmail

Immediately after Gmail Labs announced that you can now preview YouTube clips from within Gmail’s…

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Gravity Forms Releases Campaign Monitor Add-On for WordPress

Gravity Forms is an easy-to-use form management plugin for Wordpress. Thanks to rocketgenius, we recently…

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Add an Email Signup Form to Your Cocoa Application

Have you ever wanted to add a “Join our mailing list” prompt to your Mac…

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A Quick Guide to Editor Tags and the WYSIWYG Editor

In the last few weeks we’ve extensively covered email templates, from earlier tutorials on getting…

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Adding Content Tags to Your Email Campaign

In our previous post, we covered the basics of preparing an email template for use…

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Getting Started with Our Free Email Templates

If you’re new to coding HTML email or short on time, our 30+ free email…

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Using A/B Testing to Boost Your Email Response

The A/B testing feature was released earlier this year atop an amazing wave of excitement…

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