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Send Smart Transactional Emails with Campaign Monitor and Zapier

Zapier connects Campaign Monitor and 400+ other awesome software products.

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How to Create the Perfect Pop-Up Form with Sleeknote

For this post, we partnered with our friends from Sleeknote to show you how to…

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5 Steps for Re-engaging Your Subscriber Lists (and Saving Money)

Did you know that 40% of subscribers will likely never engage with your campaigns? Here’s…

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Capture and Share Email Campaigns with Scope

Sharing your email designs and inspirational campaigns can be hard, so the team at Litmus…

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Creating and Customizing Your Own Subscribe Button

If you’ve found our simple subscribe button to be, well, a little too simple and…

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Add Email to Your Cocoa Apps with Our New Objective-C Wrapper

Developing Mac OS X or iOS apps? Make full use of our API with our…

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Collect Email Subscribers via Your Videos with Wistia

If you’re in the business of creating compelling video content, then put it to work…

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Tap into the Crowd by Testing Your Responsive Email in Plunk

Wish you could get a second, third, fourth or fifth opinion on how effective your…

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Tip: Sell Email Marketing to Your Clients with a Demo Account

Want to convince new clients to try out your service, but can’t simply sweet-talk them…

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An Updated Email Template Tag Clip for Coda

If you use Coda to code your HTML email newsletters, check out our new clip…

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Deliver Files with Your Email Campaigns Using Digioh

Share files securely with your subscribers and build your lists while you’re at it, with…

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