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Campaign Press is no longer under development, nor is support available from the author. 

Sometimes, really good projects just slide onto my desk. Clever, well-documented projects at that. So, when I got word of Campaign Press, a WordPress plugin for signing up, approving and adding new clients to your Campaign Monitor designer account, I knew that my afternoon was looking up.

If you’re reselling Campaign Monitor (or have plans to) and love working with WordPress, Campaign Press is a real gift. From adding a ‘Sign up to ABC Emailer!’ form to your site, to managing your clients via Access & Billing groups, this plugin from Floating Monk has it thought out. If that isn’t neat enough, Campaign Press is free to download and can be extended with a variety of add-ons.

An out-of-the-box solution for signing up clients

So, say you’ve got a Campaign Monitor account and have created a site promoting your rebrand in WordPress. Once you download and install the Campaign Press plugin, all you need to do is enter your Campaign Monitor API key and add the provided WordPress shortcode to your site. In a minute, you can have new clients signing up to your service. Here’s a sample sign-up form, with validation for good measure:

Sign up form

That said, there’s a built-in screening process – when a new client signs up, they appear as ‘Awaiting Approval’ on the Campaign Press dashboard within WordPress. This allows you to approve or deny applications and avoid having loads of spammy accounts overrun your shiny rebrand:


Once a client’s application is approved, then Campaign Press gets to work on creating a new client account. If you’ve set up the plugin to send an approval email (containing your client’s username and password), then this will be sent, too. Otherwise, you can send an approval email at a later time, say, once you’ve uploaded some default templates, or tweaked your client’s access and billing settings to taste.

Talking about access and billing, Campaign Press also allows you to create groups and add preset account settings to new client accounts. It’s on the Groups dashboard that you can customize the levels of access your new signups have, alongside billing type, currency, and delivery & recipient fee (if applicable). New signups can be automatically assigned to a group and have these settings applied:


Pretty groovy.

Extending Campaign Press with add-ons

If you’ve already got existing clients in Campaign Monitor, you can import them into Campaign Press using the CM Sync add-on, also by Floating Monk. Plus, it’s also possible to collect additional information from your client signup form, such as website URL, location or similar, using the Custom Fields add-on. Both cost $8 USD for a single site license and of course, require Campaign Press to be installed first.

To celebrate Campaign Press’ launch, Floating Monk are currently offering 50% off the price of these add-ons with the following discount code:


Simply enter the code at checkout and you’ll be on your way. This discount expires on Tuesday, 30 November 2010.

But of course, there’s a caveat…

Now, I know that signing and setting up clients can be work, so this has probably come as a lot of good news. However, nothing offers better value to your clients than personal service, so this shouldn’t be taken as a call to loosely sign-up randoms and take a hands-off approach to offering email. Two reasons for this are:

  • If a potential client approaches your rebrand, then chances are that they don’t have the time/expertise to design and manage email campaigns on their own – Take this as an opportunity to offer new signups some email marketing know-how, as automatically creating new accounts doesn’t guarantee that they’ll know how to get started with them.
  • Designers are still responsible for their client’s lists – Yep, it’s still necessary for designers to educate their clients about permission and ensure their lists play nice with our anti-spam policy. You know the drill.

So now we’ve covered the hard stuff, I’d like to give Brendan at Floating Monk a pat on the back for creating a truly useful WordPress plugin for resellers and their clients. After a bit of a chat earlier, he revealed that the ability to upload default templates to a client account will probably be added in an upcoming release, potentially as an add-on. For many resellers, this is the missing link, so keep your eyes peeled for that.


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