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It’s been a great season for eCommerce integrations with Campaign Monitor. Just the other week, we featured a cartful of WordPress add-ons for encouraging email subscribes at your store’s checkout stage. Now, we’re checking out two neat Campaign Monitor modules for LemonStand, a web app for quickly building and maintaining online stores. You saw what I did there.

An all-in-one app for building online stores

If you haven’t cottoned on to LemonStand yet, here’s the skinny – it’s a popular, self-hosted solution for creating eCommerce websites, complete with a solid CMS and blogging engine. It’s both straightforward to use (especially if you’ve worked with other PHP-powered apps like WordPress) and comes with ample support, thanks to the clever folks at Limewheel Creative. For a more entertaining primer, view the following video on LemonStand:

As many of our customers know, eCommerce and email marketing walk the endless summer, hand in hand. With LemonStand integration, store owners have even less excuses for not sending email newsletters or post-purchase follow ups – each of the modules are simple to setup (again, assuming you’re comfortable using a CMS like WordPress) and can be customized to fit in nicely with the look and feel of your store’s check out process.

Email integration: Pay for what you need

As mentioned, there are two 3rd-party modules for LemonStand integration with Campaign Monitor. Both offer different degrees of functionality and are priced accordingly. If you’re keen to simply provide an opt-in checkbox for one of your mailing lists when your customers check out on your store, then Campaign Monitor Subscription may be the ticket. At $19.99 USD for a license, it’s a no-nonsense way to collect highly-engaged subscribers (ie. folks who are actually buying stuff from you). However, if you’re looking to sign up customers to multiple subscriber lists within your account and are partial to managing said lists from within LemonStand, then the simply-named ‘Campaign Monitor‘ is where it’s at. Priced at $39 USD per license, it offers a lot more control for only a few extra dollars.

Both modules allow you to set up an opt-in checkbox for either one or more of your newsletters, using a provided code snippet. Once you’ve added your Campaign Monitor API key from an existing account and styled up the form to taste, then you’re ready to start collecting email signups. In tandem with our autoresponders, you can pretty much take your hands off the wheel when it comes to sending welcome emails, reminding your customers to renew a subscription in the following year, or prompting them to fill in a customer satisfaction survey, a few weeks after purchase.

It’s worth noting however that neither module is a white-label solution – something to be wary of when setting up LemonStand-powered stores for clients. If this is an issue, it may be worth contacting the developers of Campaign Monitor Subscription and/or Campaign Monitor to request a rebrandable module.

Finally, we’re lucky to have great integrations with a range eCommerce apps like LemonStand, so find out how you can tie in your Campaign Monitor account with Shopify, Zen Cart, Magento and more.

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