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Have you ever felt that web apps and services would be so much better… If only they talked to one another more? For example, if you could sell a product online, then have the customer’s details automatically added to your favorite CRM app? Or receive unique email notifications when say, your favorite blog gets updated?

Our friends at Zapier have thought long and hard over scenarios like these and come up with an amazing drag-and-drop interface for automatically pushing data between 35 popular apps or tasks… And counting. We’re truly humbled to be included in their initial line-up, which includes integrations between apps like…


That’s right, Highrise! Plus, perennial favorites like Capsule CRM, Desk, Freshbooks, Stripe and many more. Lets look at what Zapier can do for Campaign Monitor and you.

Sync your subscriber lists with your favorite apps

Thanks to Zapier, a variety of frequently-requested integrations with Campaign Monitor are now real. In many cases, this means you no longer have to manually export contacts from your CRM app, for example, prior to importing them into a subscriber list, or hire a developer to automate the task for you. If Zapier can ‘zap’ it, then you can pretty much set it up using our respective API keys and forget about it. You can also create zaps in each direction – say, to create a new contact in your CRM app when a subscriber is added, or vice versa.

Really, integration with Highrise. I’m still spinning.

Receive email/SMS notifications when you get new subscribers

While all the requests we’ve received have certainly made us consider adding new subscriber notifications to the app, it seems like Zapier have beaten us to the punch. You can now receive a customized plain-text email or SMS whenever a new subscriber is added to your list, by simply creating a zap.

It’s very elegant stuff – you don’t have to know how APIs work, or even what an API is. Simply drag the cute tiles, follow the instructions and have your apps really working for you in minutes.

Zapier is priced according to the number of zaps and synchronization frequency you need. Each plan comes with unlimited ‘actions’, or syncs, which means you can pretty much set and forget about your zaps – they’ll just silently continue to share data between apps in the background. You don’t need an account to start creating zaps, so for more information and to give it a try, zip over to Zapier.

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