Denise Jacobs, on creativity, tiny habits and being your brilliance

At events and conferences, there are speakers who inform, inspire and delight. Then there’s Denise Jacobs, who can change your entire worldview. We interviewed the prolific Creativity Evangelist and communicator to find out how we can keep the ideas flowing and make the world better through collaboration and design.

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Below the Fold, a podcast supporting and inspiring women in design

Are all design podcasts starting to sound the same? Find that stories from “rockstar” designers don’t quite address your day-to-day challenges as a designer? Introducing Below the Fold - a new podcast by Erin Anacker which seeks to restore the balance, by bringing fresh and topical stories from female designers to the fore. Listen in for their advice and experiences with managing creative block, making career changes and contributing to social good.

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Meet a Community Champion: Mark J. Reeves

Is it unusual for the founder of a successful digital agency to spend so much of his energy on email? In this Community Champion Q&A, we interviewed Mark J. Reeves from Clearbold on what makes email campaigns different (and even “fun”) in comparison to other offerings, how to win over clients plus find out which blogs, guides and tools are his go-to’s. Read on for real designer-to-designer advice.

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The Email Design Conference - an event for marketers and designers like us

Finally, there’s a conference for email designers, by email designers. Touring San Francisco, Boston and London with a strong line-up of speakers and attendees, TEDC is the event to be at if email is a big part of your business.

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Meet a Community Champion: Sam Sexton

The people’s champion this month is none other than Sam Sexton, otherwise known as Redferret - a top-flight email designer and forums regular. In this brief Q&A, we sat down with him to discuss how he found his calling as an email marketer and in light of “sexier” channels like social media, email just refuses to die.

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Meet a Community Champion: Anna Yeaman

This month’s Community Champion has close to legendary status in email design circles, thanks to her unwavering attention to detail and unstoppable energy for experimenting with cutting-edge techniques. Join us as we discuss with Anna Yeaman how she balances research with client work, addresses common email misconceptions and why mobile optimization is now mandatory for senders.

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Meet a Community Champion: Nicole Merlin

If you’ve discovered an amazing email design technique, blog abut it! That’s the takeaway from this month’s Community Champion interview with publishing phenom and Campaign Monitor forums regular, Nicole Merlin. In this Q&A, we look into how she balances her interest in advanced email techniques with regular client work and has built a considerable blog following in the process.

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Meet a Community Champion: John Pirrie

Between juggling both a full-time job and a design business, John Pirrie has been a consistent voice in our forums, helping our community make the most of their email designs. We sat him down in this brief Q&A to not only celebrate his work, but find out what makes a busy emailer like himself tick.

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Meet a Community Champion: Brian Thies

If you’ve ever stumbled on an insidious email display glitch in Outlook, you’ve likely also stumbled on a motherlode of research on it in our forums, by cool customer Brian Thies. As a one-man braintrust on all things HTML email, we’ve chosen to recognize him as our first Community Champion.

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Pronto Marketing, on providing big service to small businesses

Ever dreamed of ‘going large’ as a freelancer, or design business? In this interview, cool customers Pronto Marketing share the secrets behind creating a 750-strong client base… And counting. For Pronto, offering email marketing on a big scale isn’t about being the cheapest, it’s about offering a range of services that small businesses can’t live without. Read on to find out what else they had to share.

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