Beyond the newsletter: Introducing email automation

You know the magic of sending the right email to the right person, at the right time — whether you’re welcoming a customer, sending someone a reminder about an upcoming event, or just saying happy birthday. You want to be smart about email marketing, but you know the process can require a lot of time and energy when multiplied by thousands — or tens of thousands — of customers.

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Introducing Dynamic Content in the email builder

We've added dynamic content to our email builder. Create more relevant emails by using what you know about your subscribers to create different content for different people.

Dynamic Content
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Alignment and logo resizing come to Canvas

The latest updates for our email builder, Canvas, are now available. We've increased the control you have over your emails with alignment of text and buttons, plus logo resizing and alignment.

Logo resizing in Canvas
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Campaign Monitor acquires GetFeedback - the most beautiful survey tool on the planet

Today we're insanely excited to share that we've acquired GetFeedback, the most beautiful survey tool on the planet. GetFeedback makes it super easy to create surveys that look stunning on any device in minutes. It's radically simple and easy to customize to perfectly match your brand. Read on for all the details.

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Canvas Customization Now Available

You now have total control over the emails you create in Canvas. That means changing background colors, text colors, button colors and more so they perfectly match your brand. You’ll also be able to choose from a range of fonts for each text element in your campaign.

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Campaign Monitor not vulnerable to SSL3 poodle flaw

On the Internet, communications can be secured by a number of different protocols and many of these protocols have different versions.

On Tuesday October 14th a security flaw in the SSLv3 encryption protocol was disclosed which would allow an attacker to effectively decrypt information being transmitted under SSLv3.

The flaw, exposed by researchers at Google, was written about widely around the web so we wanted to update you on how it affects the Campaign Monitor service.

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Introducing our free guide: How to get Better Marketing Results with Beautiful Design

Here at Campaign Monitor, we believe beautiful design gets better results.

That’s why whenever we publish a blog post or send our email newsletter, we go the extra mile to make sure they are beautifully designed. We’re lucky enough to have a great in-house design team, but what if you don’t have access to similar resources?

In this guide, you’ll learn the 3 principles of beautiful design and see the tools leading brands use to create beautiful marketing content that gets results.

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Sneak peek: More design flexibility coming to Canvas

When we launched Canvas a couple of months back, we were blown away with the positive response. Every day, we see thousands of beautiful responsive email designs being sent that took minutes to create instead of days. While the reaction so far has been awesome, there has been one consistent piece of feedback we’ve been seeing from day one - you guys would love much more design flexibility.

Font and Color Control Coming Soon
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Sent campaigns search now available

Thanks to your feedback, the ability to search sent campaigns is now available in the reports tab.

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Multiple language support now available in Canvas

Back in June we announced Canvas, our new way to easily build unique looking emails that work everywhere. Read on for the latest updates on Canvas including multiple language support.

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