Four radical email redesigns using Canvas

What can you create using Canvas? Here’s how four of our customers totally re-invented their email campaigns, in less than a week since Canvas launched! Take a look - you’ll see there are no more reasons to send an unattractive email.

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Introducing Canvas - a revolutionary new way to build emails

As readers of this blog know better than anyone, building emails that look amazing everywhere has always been a lot trickier than it should be. Throw in the growth of mobile in recent years, and it’s only getting harder. Today, we’re ready to start reversing that trend by announcing a revolutionary new way to build emails. It's called Canvas, it’s available in your account right now and I think you’re going to love it.

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Introducing Monitor, our new iPhone app

Introducing Monitor, our new iPhone app that gives you real-time campaign and subscriber reporting in your pocket.

Monitor for iPhone
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Segments in autoresponders now available

We’re excited to unveil one of our most popular feature-requests - segments in autoresponders. You can now use what you know about your subscribers to send them more relevant autoresponder emails and combine the power of the most relevant message with sending it at the best time.

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Introducing Geolocation Segments

Location can be a powerful tool in driving relevance in email marketing. Collecting this information isn’t always easy though, so we’re delighted to introduce a new feature that automatically identifies the location of your subscribers and allows you to create segments based on it.

Geolocation segments feature
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OpenSSL (heartbleed) statement

Campaign Monitor servers have all been patched in response to the threat posed by the Heartbleed bug in the OpenSSL software suite.

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Passing custom fields through to custom subscribe and unsubscribe pages

Recently we launched an update to allow the use of custom fields in links leading to custom subscribe and unsubscribe confirmation pages. The original fields that could be passed through to this custom page were name and email address but now we've expanded it to all custom fields.

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Create & Send Redesign: Your Feedback

Last month we announced a new design for creating and sending email campaigns. Following launch we received lots of positive comments on how clean and simple the new design was. As with all our releases though, nothing is ever final. For this one there were two main bits of feedback that kept popping up.

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Send more relevant emails with additional rules for segments

We've increased the number of ways you can build rules in our segment builder, making it even easier for you to send the right content to the right people. Here's some examples of what you can now do.

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Creating campaigns gets a fresh new look

We’re excited to announce a new design for our campaign creation workflow. We’ve made it easier than ever to see what step you’re at, what you’re sending, who you’re sending to and when your campaign will go out.

A redesigned Step 1
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