Although you’ve always been able to remove subscribers one-by-one through the current subscriber list management, quite a few customers have requested the ability to remove multiple subscribers in one big hit.

We’re happy to announce that we’ve added this feature today, so if you’ve got a chunk of subscribers that you want to remove, you can simply copy and paste them into a form and they’ll be removed.

These subscribers won’t actually be deleted from your list completely, but will be set as inactive, so if you need them back in your list for any reason you can still get to them (if your wondering why, check out this post).

  • Sanjay

    Are subscribers automatically removed if their email address bounces?

  • Ben Richardson

    If it’s a hard bounce, such as the email address doesn’t exist anymore, then yep, they are automatically removed.

    For any soft bounces, such as ‘mailbox full’ bounce, you can change the default settings and completely customize what happens to the subscriber through the advanced bounce handling.

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