Unsubscribe URL Screenshot

  • Fergus Burns

    Do you intend to make your API available to external developers/partners, so they can extend your service offering

  • We sure do. We’re doing the final round of testing with a few super keen customers right now. The feedback’s been fantastic so far, so if all goes to plan we should be releasing it in the next day or so.

    We’ll announce it here the moment it becomes available.

  • Gavin

    Sorry, bit of a newbie here – I have a project whereby I do need to synchronise with another DB. Is the intention of the above (non-API) method to then have some server-side code on the UnSubscribe confirmation page to then use the URL variable to perform the necessary action on the other database? Have I got that right? Thanks.

  • Hey Gavin, yep that’s exactly what it’s intended for. Once it’s in the querystring you can do whatever you want with it server side.

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