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Today, after loads of testing and feedback from some dedicated early adopters, we’re excited to announce the release of the Campaign Monitor API.

It’s now all too easy to integrate your Campaign Monitor account into another application. You might want to:

  • Integrate Campaign Monitor with your favorite CRM software, automating the process of adding new customers to your subscriber lists.
  • Drop an opt-in checkbox for any of your lists into an existing form on any web site.
  • Put together a dashboard widget to get real-time updates on how many people have subscribed to your list today.

We’ve put together plenty of documentation on each method as well as a quick overview on getting the required details from your own account. We’ll be launching a few more methods real soon, plus a few sample wrappers for different languages.

What are you waiting for? Dig in and get your hands dirty, then tell us all about it!

  • Dave Hudson

    This API is great. I’ve managed to get subscribes/unsubscribes working fine. However, I’m stumped on how to get the result.code i.e. 1 for invalid email address etc. I’m working in C# codebehind, any ideas?

  • Ben Richardson

    Hey Dave, your timing is really good actually. We will be launching a sample C# application tomorrow which should show you how to take advantage of the results code.

  • Dave Greiner

    Dave, just so you know, we’ve posted that C# sample in the documentation.

  • Chris Haas

    I’m playing with the API right now in .Net and I can’t find anything to show the actual Lists. If I go into the site each list has an ID but is there any way to get this programmtically?

  • Ben Richardson

    Hey Chris, your right, there isn’t a way to get this programmatically – but there should be!! Give us a few days as we’ll add the method to the API.

  • Ben Richardson

    Just a quick update – we’ve added the ability to get all lists for a client. Thanks for the suggestion Chris.

  • Chris Haas

    Cool, thanks! I’ll give it a shot later today.

  • Karl Philip Lund

    We have a client that would like to set up quite a few event-triggered e-mails and we would like to use Campaign Monitor to serve them. Here’s what they want:

    a. A user has not logged into the website for 6 months. We would like to send them an automatic reminder using a template and a list from campaign monitor.

    b. A pregnant woman signs up to receive a monthly e-mail with relevant information for each pregnancy month. When she signs up, she registers her estimated time of birth. For each month, she receives tips for each month of pregnancy. The template should be maintained in Campaign monitor

  • David Jones

    Is there a dashboard widget yet? :-D

  • Dave Greiner

    Not right now there isn’t David, will you be the first to build one ;)

  • David Jones

    I just might be! ;-)

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