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Manually adding your recipients

When selecting the recipients for a campaign, you used to have the option either selecting your subscriber lists, or manually adding the recipients.

Our main motivation behind this option was to make it really easy to sample Campaign Monitor without the need for creating a subscriber list. The downside of this is that there are so many benefits of sending from a subscriber list as opposed to just copying and pasting your recipients. Unsubscribes and bounces are remembered, you can customize the subscribe and unsubscribe process, you can track subscriber activity, the list goes on.

As of today, you can no longer manually add more than 10 recipients for a campaign. If you want to send to more recipients, you’ll need to create a subscriber list first. This still makes it easy to try Campaign Monitor without creating a list, but encourages customers to create a list for larger campaigns once they get going.

Of course, providing you’ve got permission you can still copy and paste as many recipients as you like into the subscriber list, you’ll just have to do that before sending the campaign.

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