Screenshot of the Recipient Activity Report

While we make it very easy to export your unsubscribed and active subscribers out of your subscriber lists, itís always been a challenge to extract that data on a per-campaign basis.

We just pushed an update live that now allows you to export any part of the Recipient Activity Report. To refresh your memory, this is a pretty sweeping report that lets you access information on recipients who:

  • Opened the campaign
  • Did not open the campaign
  • Clicked a link
  • Did not click a link
  • Unsubscribed

Now you can export any one of these reports into a Comma Separated Values (CSV) or tab delimited text file with the click of a button. This one’s been pretty high on the wish list for lots of customers, so we hope you find it useful.

  • Louis G

    It would also be a good idea to introduce this feature into the Client Report Access site.

  • Dave Greiner

    Louis, that’s a good suggestion and definitely one we plan on addressing soon, thanks for your thoughts.

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