Please note: This sample is now out of date, and unfortunately we do not have any Flash sample code for the current API version.

If you’re looking at creating a Campaign Monitor subscribe form for a client in Flash, we’ve just added a sample file to our API documentation that provides a simple walkthrough on the best approach to take.

The sample includes a simple subscribe form that passes through name, email address and requires a checkbox to be checked to indicate permission.

A huge thanks goes to Nick Lloyd from Stephen Thomas and Greg McMullen for putting this together for us.

  • Raymond

    It doesn’t appear as though this works with MailBuild. Is that true? Is the API different, or should I just be able to change the URLs and get it to work with MailBuild as I would with Campaign Monitor?

  • Dave Greiner

    That’s right Raymond, the API’s are actually different and this sample won’t work directly with MailBuild. Having said that, we do have a MailBuild customer working on this now and hope to have a MailBuild sample available soon too. We’re not Flash experts unfortunately, otherwise we’d be happy to put one together.

  • Mathew Patterson

    [UPDATE] The MailBuild Flash API Kit is now available thanks to Oliver List.

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