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Creating a custom field with multiple options

A while back we made it easy for you to create custom fields with multiple pre-defined options. Let’s say you have a field for interests. You can easily populate that with options like surfing, reading, movies, baseball, etc. Once you’ve created your custom fields, it’s easy to create a subscribe form for your site that captures what your subscribers are interested in.

All good so far, but it’s when you actually try and import multiple value data that things would start getting ugly. From today, we’ve made it very easy to import and export your multiple value custom field data using double pipe characters as a divider. Using my previous example, here’s how data might look like for me when you import your data from a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file.

Name, Email, Interests, Country
David Greiner,, Surfing||Movies||Reading, Australia

By separating all your multiple options with a double pipe, we make it super easy to import your subscriber data and marry it up with the custom fields in your subscriber lists. We use the same formatting when you export your data as well, making it easy to export, make any changes you want and re-import back into the same or other lists.

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