When we overhauled our custom field support back in February, we made the decision to cap the maximum number of custom fields to five (which we explained here). Over the last ten or so months, the ability to support more than five custom fields has been one of the most requested new features we’ve had. Ever.

Now that we’re successfully purring away on our new hardware, we figured it’s time to double the number of custom fields you can have from 5 to 10. Hopefully that makes things a little easier for those of you who need to store a little more information on each subscriber.

  • matt

    will this also take effect for MailBuild?

  • Dave Greiner

    This one hasn’t been confirmed yet Matt, but right now we can’t see any reason why MailBuild won’t offer the same capabilities when we launch custom field support in the new year.

  • matt

    very nice.


  • Jim

    Does this apply to importing as well? Currently the import screen still says “you can also import up to 5 custom fields”

  • Dave Greiner

    Hmm, that text change slipped though. Yep, it also applies to importing, thanks for the heads up Jim.

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