Screenshot showing the new test functionalityIf you’re like me (or Mark), you like to test each campaign you send fairly comprehensively before you send to your complete subscriber list. In my workflow, this usually involves firing the email off to a number of test accounts I’ve set up at various ISP’s like Hotmail, Yahoo! and Gmail.

I always found it a little annoying come testing time when I’d have to remember each of these test addresses. Sometimes it wouldn’t arrive and I’d have to double check the address and re-send. Not a deal breaker, but it was definitely annoying. Turns out this was an annoyance a number of customers also had. Today, we did something about it.

From now on we’ll remember the last 5 test email addresses you used for that particular client. Often this might be a contact at the client, and a few of your favourite test addresses. Simply tick the checkbox next to the addresses you’d like to send a test to and we’ll do the rest.

  • Cory Duncan

    I share the pain of trying to keep track of my test email addresses and this surely will be a huge time saver. Thank you Campaign Monitor for staying on top of your users’ needs.

  • Paul Wille

    I second Cory’s comment. This is so helpful with the iterative testing that is part of any email template design process. Its ongoing improvements like this that solidify our decision to use Campaign Monitor for our clients.

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