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We’ve just pushed a large update to the help system live that should make it much easier to find an answer when a question arises. The old system worked well for us when we launched, as there wasn’t a great deal of content in there. Over the last few years we’ve obviously added plenty of new features with documentation to match, along with loads of tips and how-to’s to get the most out of the app.

To make sure you can still get an answer out of the system as quickly and clearly as possible, we’ve made the following changes:

Categories now have sub-categories

We’ve split the bigger categories up into small chunks so it’s much easier to scan the page. We’re also listing a sample of the most popular topics in each category at the top to get answers to common questions fast.

Screenshot of a category in the new help system

Context-sensitive help

Screenshot of a category in the new help system

This one was long overdue. If you hit the “Help” link from any page in the app, you’ll be taken to the category related to that section of the app. Not only that, but we’ll take a guess at the question you’re probably going to ask and will highlight that answer at the top of the page.

This change should make it much easier to find the right answer in a single click rather than browse or search the entire help system.

Video walkthroughs

We’ve put together a series of narrated video walkthroughs (or screencasts, or movies, or moviecast thingies) that cover some of the main functionality in Campaign Monitor. Sit back and relax while we show you how to use custom fields and segments to send targeted campaigns or how you set up report access for each client.

Screenshot of the video walkthoughs in the new help system

On top of these updates, we’ve also made a public-facing version of the help system that any one can check out without being a Campaign Monitor customer. Now that these changes are live we’ll continue putting together more help content to ensure you can get your questions answered on the spot as often as possible.

  • Silviu

    Is there a chance to use these info on my website?
    Maybe, even better, customize your help according to my website..


  • Dave Greiner

    Silviu, if you’re private labelling Campaign Monitor and looking at ways to promote your service on your own site, we’ve written plenty about that here, including case studies and screenshots. Let me know if that’s not what you’re looking for.

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